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The present database contains insertion numbers that were used in Viennese performances of opere buffe mostly imported from Italy from 1763 onwards. Information on all of the inserted arias, duets and ensembles which could be identified through analysis of preserved libretti and scores of Viennese versions and the comparison with sources of other provenance has been recorded.
The entries in the database reproduce the text of each number and (if preserved) the respective musical incipit. They also provide information about the authors, the provenance of the pieces and their position inside the operas as well as the singers who performed them. Besides, biographical information can be found, especially about the singers, their activities in Vienna and their potential role in importing single musical numbers or complete operas.
An important objective consisted of finding out further details about the history of single insertion numbers. Often it is possible to ascertain that they were composed exclusively for a Viennese performance, for instance when the music was demonstrably written by Florian Gassmann or Antonio Salieri, the opera directors of that period. However, in many cases the music was taken from other operas, which perhaps came to Vienna as an aria di baule of a particular singer and whose provenance had to be determined as precisely as possible.
In the database it is possible to search in a structured way (by aria, opera, composer, librettist, singer, libretto, score) in order to retrieve the insertion numbers used in a single opera or the arias sung by a certain singer. Alternatively there is the possibility of a full-text search, by which for instance an insertion number can be found through individual verses or key words.